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Child Guidance Clinic

The child guidance clinic brings together the Teacher , Parent, Psychologist and Psychiatrist for consultation of a child with problems. The clinic evaluates the child comprehensively  seeking the roots of his difficulties, whether they lie in poor health, mental maladjustment, emotional conflicts, poor home or school conditions, unwholesome friendships or unfavorable community environment. When the cause of the problem is identified treatment is prescribed and  the case is followed up through appropriate corrective measures. Child guidance clinic are specialized clinics that deal with children of normal and subnormal intelligence, exhibiting a range of behaviors and psychological problems which are summed up as mal-adjustments.

Why  is child guidance clinic important?


The main purpose of a Child Guidance clinic is to help children learn social skills that will enable them to get along with other people and to maintain classrooms in which each child can feel secure and comfortable while learning. It offers specialized screening and diagnosis of children suspected of and at risk of or showing learning, behavior, attention, and developmental difficulties.

Child Guidance clinic evaluates:

  • Poor school performance and learning disability IQ Assessments

  • Academic skill deficits in reading, writing, spelling, mathematics

  • Speech & Language deficits

  • ADHD

  • Defiant/ Oppositionalbehavior, Conduct disorders

  • Addiction

  • Anxiety, phobias

  • OCD Depression, Social Withdrawal

  • Developmental Neurological Disorder

The Team

A multi disciplinary team comprises of :

Occupational therapist/ Physiotherapist
Clinical Psychologist
Speech therapist

Saturdays from 11.00 am – 01.00pm